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Welcome to our website – hopefully if you are here you have already heard of us and want to know more about what we do.

We are the parents’ association for Solihull School and the good news is that if your child goes to the School, then you are already a member.

Over the many years of the Association’s history our aims have evolved into three main areas.

Perhaps the most obvious one is that we raise money for the School. In recent years we have significantly contributed to many of the departments within the school, and in 2018/19 we were delighted to be able to provide funding for a sixth form bursary.

We really do try to make a difference to all the clubs and associations, large and small to help the School continue with the depth and breadth of the experiences it offers to its pupils.

We also provide a social platform for parents to get to know each other socially by running events throughout the school year. Some are fundraising as well as social such as the Summer Ball and the 'An Evening with...' and some, such as our new Coffee Mornings are simply to allow parents to socialise and become a part of our School community. We would really like to see you at one (or all!) of our events. Just click on the tab for our Events page to see what events we are running this year.

We also run and finance a careers fund to help parents who find themselves in extreme financial hardship and this year that fund has been kept topped up to allow us to meet any calls on it in the coming year.

The association is run by a general committee and we always welcome volunteers to either join the committee or to help at our many events.

If you are interested or have any questions please email this year's President, Julie Jones, on

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All event tickets are now being sold through our online payment site



As New Sales

If you have any good quality uniform you no longer need you can either donate it to the SSPA to sell and raise funds for school, or you can opt to sell the uniform when, once sold, we will return to you 50% of the selling price of the items sold.  

If you would like to sell your uniform, please read our guides in the 'Documents' section of this website and complete the Sale Form and Sellers Disclaimer, print out both, and send into school with your labelled uniform.  Items for sale are accepted anytime at either St Martin's or Warwick Road Receptions.

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The General Committee (GC)

  • Led by the elected President

  • Made up of elected and co-opted members

  • Aims to meet at least once every half term

  • Annual General Meeting held every Summer term


The Executive Committee (Exec)

  • Led by the President

  • Made up of the President, the two immediate past Presidents, the Treasurer, the Minutes Secretary and the Secretary

  • Aims to meet at least once a term


The Trust Fund

  • In 1939 the General Committee established a trust fund to produce long term capital growth and provide income for the Careers Fund

  • The Trust Fund is administered by the Trustees who are appointed by the General Committee and are responsible for the stewardship of the investments

  • There are currently six trustees including the SSPA Treasurer who serves in an ex officio capacity.

  • The Trust Deed is currently being reviewed by a specialised sub-committee to bring it up to date. Progress will be minuted at the General Committee meetings.


The Careers Fund

  • The income generated from the Trust Fund’s investments is paid directly to the Careers Fund

  • The Careers Fund is used to assist pupils in the furtherance of their education at the School. Cases are typically considered in the event of family financial hardship in a crucial (ie GCSE or A level) year


The Careers Fund Committee

  • This committee consists of a Chairman (elected by the General Committee), the Headmaster and the Executive Committee

  • The Committee meets in absolute confidence to consider applications from parents for payment from the Careers Fund.

  • The Applicants name is known only to the Chairman, the Bursar and the Headmaster


The Events Committees

  • Each of these committees is made up of an event leader, one member of the Exec and a team of volunteers who may or may not be on the General Committee

  • Each event committee plans, organises and runs one Parents’ Association event, eg the Ladies Supper.

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Every linked retailer will donate a percentage of your spend to the SSPA, at no extra cost to you.

Access the portal via your mobile device or receive reminders on your computer.

Over 2,700 retailers are linked to easyfundraising.


Rainy Day

We have a wonderful selection of SSPA branded items for sale that, as well as being excellent quality, raise much needed funds for the SSPA.

Golf umbrellas £28

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